Tips On Setting Up Your Career Expo Booth

Get The Max Out Of Your Career Expo Booth. The key to a successful recruiting strategy is developing successful sourcing initiatives. One approach to consider a career expo booth, which offer recruiters a great way to interact with a diverse talent pool and pre-qualify potential candidates for the open positions you may have in the

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Is Groupon A Good Idea For The Beauty Industry

Groupon, Will It Help Build My Business? Groupon is a topic I hear a lot of beauty professionals talk about. Maybe there’s been a time in your career that you’ve asked yourself, “I wonder if Groupon or another online coupon service could boost my business?”  For new owners and booth renters you might be tempted

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Common Misconceptions About Selling Retail

The Dreaded “R” Word. Selling retail as a salon professional can be one of the most challenging parts of our job.  No one likes to hear a client tell them “sorry not today” or “maybe next time”.  This can be discouraging, and instead of trying to figure out a better way to approach selling retail,

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