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New Years Revamp Ideas For Salons On A Budget

Was your New Year’s Resolution to revamp your business this year?

Before you break your budget here are 4 ways to revamp your business on budget.

  1.  Reception Area

Your reception area needs to be beautifully presented and provide a comfortable and calming environment for your guests. As this is the first place they will go to when coming into your business, and the last place before they leave, you want to ensure that you create both a good first impression and a positive lasting impression. If you have already invested in a stylish reception desk but it is in need of a revamp, try painting it to add a unique twist. Choose colors that suit your theme, white, pale pastel shades or muted tones work well at the reception desk.

Top your reception desk with beautiful accessories, and some practical accessories too. Try a glass, gold or copper sweet dish that is filled with complimentary mints, a simple glass pen pot with branded pens should your client need to use one, and a vase with fresh or artificial flowers.


  1. Salon front

The front of your salon is your first chance to make a first impression. Keep things interesting by changing it a few times a year to reflect the season. Focus on design first, but don’t forget to promote your products and treatments too. Invest in simple interchangeable pieces that you can use throughout the year to avoid spending too much on items you can only use once.


  1. Update with simple accessories

Depending on the style of your business, the less is more approach is best for most. To create a luxe and opulent feel your salon doesn’t need to be filled to the brim with trinkets and accessories, just a few simple pieces can add an expensive feel. Plants and flowers go a long way towards adding a tranquil feel and can be low cost. Go for faux plants for a low maintenance option and choose colors that fit in with your theme.

A few pictures on the walls and mirrors can help to open the space and add interest, making it seem lighter and bigger than it actually is. Gold frames add a luxe feel and large mirrors allow clients to see the results of their treatment.


  1. Update the way your staff looks

Finally, a great way to increase the professional feel of your salon is to choose professional salon wear Opting to have staff dress in the same color can add a constant feel, making everyone look more professional.

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